The Modern Vintage Photographer

Going gluten free for most people is not about the latest diet or health fad.  It is a matter of life for those with celiac where gluten is a slow killer, destroying organs and increasing the risk of cancers as well as a lowering the quality of life to one that includes pain from arthritis and inflammation, bowel disorders, eczema, thyroid disease and much more.  There are many others where gluten causes much pain and interferes with a normal life.  Eating should be a pleasure as it sustains life, not an experience that brings dread over the consequences of eating the wrong thing.

This project is aimed at sharing the stories of every day people who struggle with gluten intolerances.  At first there will be portraits but I hope to add videos and share links to articles that can be helpful to understand this growing problem as well as images and recipes for delicious gluten free food that even those not on a strict gluten free diet enjoy.

This project means a lot to me.  I am a photographer who was recently diagnosed with Celiac.  I have suffered from different health issues all my life and tried every traditional and alternative treatment for them not knowing they were all symptoms of a bigger problem.  Going off gluten has been painful.  I love to eat beautiful well prepared food and that has always included a home made tortilla, a crusty baguette. or a beautiful loaf of ciabatta.  I look forward to the wedding cake with a cup of coffee as soon as the wedding invitation is opened.  Biscuits and Gravy on Sunday mornings are a tradition.  It's been a hard journey.  

I'd like people to see their friends and family in these images as people who have no choice but to choose health and happiness by going gluten free.  We are not crazy or weird or picky.  (Well, a little craziness is necessary to cope and creatively deal with this lifestyle!)  Thanks to those who offer to pose for me.  I'm always looking for new uh, models.

Virginia Smith