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Modern Vintage Food Photography is my favorite type of work.  Where Modern Vintage Photography is a collaboration of photographers and videographers who work on projects as a family, the food photography is the work I love to do.


A love of food is a love of people for me. Memories of my great grandmother and grandmother making tortillas early in the morning, the fruit vendors who brought us fresh from the farm produce from the beds of their trucks in East L.A., the Armenian flat bread and handmade cheese my dad brought home from his favorite souvlaki place.  My aunt had a spanish chef and if there were leftovers I sampled such wonderful food!  Baby squid in a garlic tomato sauce, homemade olives stuffed with garlic or peppers, crusty bread and fragrant olive oil.  What amazing food do you have for me to photograph?  


The images in my head are strong, it's like a scrapbook of memories that revolve around food and love.  The big cup of coffee my grandpa drank quickly while it was still hot, the caleche for us (half coffee, half milk), fried pigs feet, barbacoa, fresh corn and of course, beans, rice, piles of home made tortillas and the cousins, aunts and uncles every weekend in the summer gathered around for stories, laughter and the joy of the food.  What are your food memories and what new ones are you creating?


The trees we climbed in summer in that little back yard were always overloaded with fruit in it's season.  Figs, peaches, apricots, persimmons.  We sat on the porch with our great grandma as she cut up the fruit and shared with us stories of our parents as share croppers in Colorado then migrant farm workers from Oceanside to Fresno. The sweet peaches were as big as the love in Grandma Neyo's heart for the memories of food and family.  Where did you learn your love of food?


So I photograph food with joy and love filled with the memories of first tastes, first smells, the sound of laughter, joyful conversation, the oohs and aahs of deliciousness.  This is what I want people to see in my photography of the food others work so hard to grow, harvest and prepare.  What can I photograph for you?

I work on location throughout Southern California and in my studio in Hemet California.  I've travelled and eaten my way throughout the major cities of the United States as well as Mexico and China. I'm always happy to travel for food, meeting new people and seeing new eat!


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Virginia Smith